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    "A Filmmaker, a model, an activist"
                               marie claire magazine

VICTORIA is an Australian producer, writer and director with a focus on enhancing storytelling via events and experiences sharing insight and therefore connection. She brings a forward thinking perspective from concept to delivery, executing projects with creative dexterity.

From the age of 15 she worked as an international model for Dior, GQ, Chanel, Victoria Secret Sport, etc. In 2006 she founded the first Models’ Union at Actor’s Equity in the UK. As chair of the Management Committee from it’s inception until 2011, she negotiated workplace codes of conduct with the Association of Model Agencies, London Lord Mayor’s Office, British Fashion Council and major retailers including NEXT and Debenhams. Her focus was on recruitment, sexual harassment and eating disorders. She spearheaded the Union’s advertising campaigns partnering with leading British brands and industry leaders.

Each of Victoria’s films have won awards across Australia and the US including Best Director, Best Narrative short and Best Actress. Both raised awareness of charities associated with their stories - Bipolar UK and human trafficking charity


As a representative of women’s rights, she’s been invited to speak on panels in New York and London including at Fordham Law Institute and screenings of acclaimed documentaries PICTURE ME (2009) and GIRL MODEL (2011).

In 2023 she Produced the annual ANIWA Gathering - bringing together 40 indigenous leaders from over the world for a 1500 person event over 4 days in Big Bear, CA. 

As an adamant horse rider, Victoria worked for The Devils Horsemen on GAME OF THRONES in Belfast and plays polo in Los Angeles.

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